GC Foster College Coaching Programme Photo - Gibbs Williams

Sport is an important part of life for many Jamaicans both in and out of school. The ASc. Degree in Coaching is designed to harness the talents of men and women who have excelled in the field of sport. These persons seek to make a contribution in coaching by unlocking the potential of prospective athletes with the objective of maximizing their performance. In order to ensure that these talented youngsters/individuals are guided correctly, those who coach them must attain the requisite qualifications. The ASc. Degree in Coaching fulfills this objective.


Full-time & Part-time

  • This is a two (2) year full-time programme offered over  4 semesters with a specialization in  various sporting disciplines (Football, Track and Field, Netball and Cricket).
  • Part-time option offered over 6 semesters.

Target Groups:

  • Persons who are now coaching various sporting disciplines without certification
  • Persons interested in coaching
  • Elite athletes

Entry Requirements:

  • Four (4) subjects at the C.X.C/G.C.E. inclusive of  English Language.
  • 2 CXC’s and a background in representational sport
  • Mature Entry: Five (5) years of coaching
  • Special Entry: Elite Athletes