Construction is underway for G.C. Foster College’s Multipurpose Sand Court. This infrastructural improvement is a major one as it forms part of the plan to develop beach sports in Jamaica. Some of the sports that can be developed include Beach Volleyball, Beach Football, Beach Tennis, among others. This will not only be a great improvement to the physical infrastructure of the college, but will be a major catalyst for development of upcoming athletes who are looking for an avenue for exposure. The court will function as a major tourism product, which can ultimately be a major foreign exchange earner for Jamaica through sport tourism.   Spearheading the project is Volleyball Coach Mr. Steve Davis, who has a passion for the development of athletes for competition, as well as the development of the whole man through sport. The work men from the college who are undertaking the project have also indicated that this development of the college is well needed as it will not only benefit the college but the surrounding communities.
Mr. Davis highlighted that this facility will help to develop students who can make an impact in Jamaica. He also explained to the fact that not only will athletes be developed, but teachers and coaches who will be dispatched throughout Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world, will also benefit from the facility.
G.C. Foster College continues to move forward in its vision to be a world-class training institution producing excellent teachers, sports and recreational professionals to meet local, regional and international standards.

Date: March 18, 2016