A total of 22 competitors vied for the top spot to be included in the Jamaican Fencing team to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. The tournament which was held at the G.C. Foster College on Saturday May 7, 2016 saw competitors from some of the nation’s top colleges and Universities. New comers to the sport of fencing, G.C. Foster College, did extremely well, entering 11 fencers; 5 who were in the top 10 with Elvis Graham, coming second behind Donovan Porter of The Caribbean Maritime Institute (CMI). Jahbarie Bryan and Lorenzo Allen also of G.C. Foster College came in third and fourth respectively. Porter of CMI will be a part of the fencing team to represent Jamaica in Rio. President of the Jamaican Fencing Federation (JFF), James McBean was pleased with the overall performance, indicating that the level of sportsmanship was good and that though fencing is new in Jamaica, the support from the various colleges and universities was also good.