Enrolled in 2015, Snow Badley, a student at the G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sport decides to reach for the stars as an up and coming Physical Education and Sport professional. Snow, originally from Portland  is now pursuing the Bachelor of Education with Physical Education specialization. He is now a recipient of the Governor General Scholarship Award. This is a Summer of Service (SOS) competition under the umbrella of his ‘I Believe’ Initiative (IBI) with the aim of increasing the spirit of volunteerism in youth, while offering them an opportunity to pursue their academic goals. This is given to high achievers who embark on a project during the summer and have made significant contributions in that particular area.
Snow applied for the scholarship with the intention of doing the project in his area, Physical Education and Sports. His project was done in association with the Fair Prospect School with a holistic approach to present sports wellness and community restoration. This was done under the theme: “The Amazing Power of Physical Education and Sports”. The geographical areas that were covered were the Fair Prospect and Priestman’s River vicinity in Portland.
The objectives of the project were to empower the youths to think positive, be respectful, be more involved in sports and physical activities and display a sense of love and unity amongst each other. This also aims to help persons of every age group lose weight, gain fitness and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Snow spent 165 hours targeting 2 areas: Sport lessons for children from age 10-15 and Exercise sessions in the mornings for everyone. Some of the challenges that snow encountered were the limited number of participants, as the number of expected participants did not turn up; lack of resources to perform the tasks; the unpredictable weather conditions which prevented the playing of some games; limited amount of time to cover the topics planned and the lack of unity among the students.
Snow highlighted that even though he experienced certain challenges, he was able to overcome them. Snow was also quick to give thanks to the members of the community who rallied around him, assisting him financially in funding the project. Mr. Badley was grateful for the a great sense of unity that was achieved during the project.