The G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sport is mourning the passing of former Cuban President, Fidel Castro who was dear to G.C. Foster College. President Castro has done a lot for Jamaica. He along with Former Prime Minister of Jamaica, the Late RT. Hon. Michael Manley who were sports enthusiasts, thought it necessary to develop on the sporting culture in the nation and thus forged partnership to construct a sports college in Jamaica as a gift from the government and people of Cuba. The construction of the College which started in 1978 lasted for 2 years and its doors were opened on September 11, 1980. The College was named in honour of the late Gerald Claude Eugene Foster, an outstanding Jamaican coach, athlete, masseur and sportsman.

President Castro was also a powerful visionary who foresaw the need for trained personnel to work at the college. As a result, the gift did not only entail the construction of the facility, but the training of personnel. Many faculty members were trained in Cuba to teach and manage the facilities. Some of the personnel trained in Cuba were Mr. Roy Thomas, former GC Foster College Part-time Lecturer; Mr. Lenford Levy, former GC Foster College Lecturer; Mr. Elfraito Remikie, Vice-Principal of Administration; Mr. Victor Gayle, Staff Member at the college and Mr. Maurice Westney, recently retired Vice-Principal for Academics. Since then, Cuba has been granting scholarships to a wide cross section of Jamaicans.

Fidel Castro will be sadly missed as a great leader who has made significant contributions to the world. The G.C. Foster College is forever grateful for the enourmous contribution that Mr. Castro has made to Jamaica and to G.C. Foster College. May his soul rest in peace.