G.C. Foster College Steve Davis at Knockalva
G.C. Foster College Steve Davis at Knockalva Polytechnic College

The partnership between G.C. Foster College and the Knockalva Polytechnic College has been further strengthened when the orientation session for the first cohort of the Associate Degree in Coaching took place on Thursday February 21, 2019 at the Knockalva Campus in Hanover. Programme coordinator, Steve Davis who is a Principal Lecturer at the G.C. Foster College expressed that this is a great opportunity for G.C. Foster to expand its programme offerings to the western part of the island.  

He stated that it will provide opportunities for almost anyone who is willing to attend a tertiary institution, as it will not only benefit students, but it will go well for the development of sport in the Western Region and in Jamaica.

This opportunity is an avenue to develop sport personnel and practitioners in the region, while allowing for the sharing of facilities and faculty personnel between the two colleges.

The other courses that will be streamlined are: The Certificate in Sports Management and The Certificate in Sport Fitness Instruction.