By: Andre Gayle, Staff Writer

In an effort to decrease the energy bill at the institution, G.C. Foster College has embarked on an energy saving project to make the operations at the college more energy efficient.

The project which will start in March of this year will be done in three phases. Phase one will focus on upgrading on all lighting fixtures to LED technology. Phase two will focus on upgrading on all air conditioning units to high efficiency inverter type installation and Phase three part of the project will involve the installation of Grid-Tied Solar Systems of 100 kilowatts. It is estimated that this project will yield a reduction of 75% – 78% of power consumption.

Enersave Solutions Limited, who won the bid to undertake this project indicated that the first phase will be completed within a month. The funds to complete this project will be provided by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ).

G.C. Foster College’s project manager, Mr. Sheldon Gordon, who is also the Plant and Facility Manager stated that this new development is a game changer for G.C. Foster College. He indicated that negotiations had started for some years now and is long in coming. He also shared that this project would help staff in becoming more knowledgeable about energy efficiency and would further benefit the college tremendously by increasing the amount of available resources.