By Christopher Gibbon Jr.

“Nothing is sweeter than another golden trophy!” This was the statement made by Khaydeen Thompson, former player of G.C. Foster College Female Basketball Team (The G.C Lionesses) after a 62 – 49 win over the UWI Pelicans when they went head to head in the Finals of 2019 Intercollegiate Basketball Competition on Friday March 8 at the GC Foster College courts. 

It was like a jog down memory lane for G.C. College when they defeated the Pelicans 31-30 at the buzzer to hold the title in the 2017-2018 Intercollegiate Basketball Championships, now they have increased the gap to a whopping 13-point deficit closing the win on glory road for G.C. at 62-49.  

‘Firing at Will’, the Lionesses stormed off on an 8-0 run in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. National Representative Kimoya Draggon and the Pelicans’ wings were wet putting them at slow start trailing with the first quarter ending at 16-09 in favor of GC. 

Asha-lee Gordon, Gezelle Allison, and Jamelia Bennett with their combined score, totaled 40-points which gave the lionesses an outstanding performance. Half way in the 3rd quarter the G.C. Foster Fans were silent when the Pelicans for the first time in the game took the lead at a 4-point deficit also ending the quarter at 44-40. 



With 6 minutes 32 seconds remaining on the game clock the Fostodians snatched back the lead to 46-45. Cadene Cowen and Abigail Clarke of the Pelicans tried to make an upset on the Lionesses but it wasn’t enough as Draggon picked up her 5th personal foul. 

Melisia Barnes with 7 points and 7 rebounds, Nassan-Gay Ricketts with 7 rebounds and Kelia Henry were strong defensively pulling down 14 rebounds and bucketing 7 points. 

Both teams displayed outstanding performances coming into the finals, however, the Lionesses proved that they were hungrier for the win having all five games during the season. 

New Basketball Head Coach and past student of G.C. Foster College, Cleon Morgan, congratulated the girls, saying that, “this win is very important to me, it helped in proving myself as a coach. With the objective at hand which is to win and in order to do so, I had to prepare the team through various training sessions so that when it comes down to crunch time, they will execute the way they should.” He alluded to their progress, that the team started out stronger than ever before, with their heads held up, they kept their end of the bargain. 

In an Interview with Asha-lee Gordon, during her celebration she said, “every year when we make it to the finals it is something new, we had the same goal, we worked hard, we worked together as a team, we fought together to the end with all ounces of energy left within us and that’s what gave us this victory.” 

“We lost the first half and we tried to pull it together in the 2nd half. But we fought back and it wasn’t enough to defeat G.C. Foster” Draggon said. “If I could relive the last 2 minutes of the game, I would’ve focused on two things. Seeing that I’ve fouled out of the game and if I was disciplined in the plays that I made, I would have made better decision in refraining from a foul. We also could have played better defense in the last quarter but we played well, we fought and congrats to G.C Foster College.”


This is the sixth consecutive Intercollegiate victory for the G.C. Foster Lionesses.